Rahul Kothawade

DateJanuary 2015
Location India
Category Residential

The requirements of the client were as follows:

Interior design project for a private residential flat. Rahul Kothawade at the —–(city).  Space is a —– sq. ft. 2.5-bedroom apartment. When he came to us, his primary aim is to give the space for the growing family. Also, he was dreaming of making his home luxurious, lavish flat with adequate dinning designs.

Key Design Features

Home is the place where we spend some quality time with our family. Everybody goes home after a hard day’s work. So, to reduce the massive pressures, burdens and to relax your mind you need a home that makes us comfortable.

We started the project with the right techniques and creative ideas. Our dedicated interior designers have renovated 2.5 BHK flat into more functional and stylish 2 BHK flat. For this, they had maintained an outstanding balance between creativity, aesthetic and functionality. We have successfully designed his flat as per his specified requirements and fulfilled his imaginations of lavish livings.

We designed this space to make his area dynamic and to evolve. We removed the inefficient commonplaces of the typical corridor. We designed home to produce a moment of calm upon the entry into the door. We divided the flat into different and equal bays. The rationale was to maintain the proper positioning between the living room, dining rooms, and kitchen.

We are happy, we reach up to his expectations and maintain our record of satisfied clients.