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Commercial Design

VastuMantrah designs corporate office interiors, by maintaining the balance between styling and utilizing the maximum space. We will modify each area starting from the entry through the reception, the work floor, the conference rooms, till the office furniture design and lighting. We focus on every aspect of the corporate office, and we produce the reflection of your vision through our ideas. That’s how we have completed 50+ successful projects in commercial interior design.

We offer you elegant spaces with a pleasant sense. We convey your dreams in reality through our designs in your budget. Our expert designers conduct the thorough analysis of your corporate office. We understand the need of you, your clients, employees and company associates are looking for experience when they enter into office.

We produce the best office interior designs that catches the client’s attention and creates an efficient workplace for the employees. Our interior designers closely work with some multi-faceted companies.

Elements in commercial interior design

Technology: A coherent network of technology application is vital in commercial spaces. With our designs, we offer adequate communication, centralized control with an aesthetic look.
Personalised spaces: We modify the consumer-based amenities like restaurants and shopping malls. We try our best to offer a home-like feeling to consumers.
Lights: We prepare some designs to increase your productivity, and make the office environment pleasant. We give you up to the mark solutions to utilise natural lightings.
Safety: We use products based on flammability, strength, safety, clean-ability, and convenience. We produce the designs by considering safety, comfort, convenience, service and complies with local and state building codes.
Aesthetic ambiance: With our designs, we dignify your aura. The pleasant working atmosphere is the ideal element that helps to attract customers.

The procedure we follow

Appealing approach: With data collection, we analyse how to achieve an attractive design suitable for commercial spaces.
Designing: We design prototypes for 2D and 3D visualisation with space planning, creative colours and finished materials. We use custom, unique, hand crafted installation and suitable designing.
Inception: We finalise the design according to your proposal and create suitable and necessary elements. We present you with the prototype designs and develop a finalise version according to you.
Installation: The last but not least step involves installing the design utilising available space to give aliveness to the design. We install everything with the best quality.

Commercial Projects