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Residential Design

VastuMantrah work with our creativity and novelty to meet your aspirations. We re-design the interior to give the unique finishes to residential corridors. We are envisioned enhancing the passages to a standard type of high-end residential buildings. We believe in advancing contemporary designs with aesthetic values.

We try to introduce the building’s new amenity floors while providing a smooth transition from the newly designed street-level lobby. We have evaluated the existing finishes and lighting conditions. We use customized carpets and stone flooring options. We select the materials with durability, smoothness, convenient to maintenance, cost-effectiveness.

We serve you with the creative interior designs as per your choice. Our massive 350+ successful projects show our excellence in residential interior designing. We are committed you with inner peace and luxurious experience simultaneously.

Elements in residential interior design

Space: Space is one of the principal elements in interior design. With creativity, we restore happiness in every corner and make it more peaceful and attractive.
Colors: Colours represent an aesthetic bond between residence and eyewitness. We make an excellent and creative choice of colours for different areas. We artistically convert your space with an oasis of peace.
Style: VastuMantrah’s style experts give you a luxurious feeling. Our stylish and elegant designs reflect your personality and affection into our design. We offer complete refurbishment with furniture and décor.
Lights: No elements would be seen without lighting. We understand the value of lighting in any residential space. We help you with a decent lighting system to make your space more attractive and live. With artificial and natural lighting, we create the right mood and the ambience of interior spaces.
Texture: Texture seems to be an afterthought when it comes to interiors. We are here to make your space pop by using synergistic colour schemes.

The procedure we follow

Analysis: First of all, our expert collects the necessary information about the area. Then they analyse the spots for key units utilising benefits of natural lighting.
Planning: We plan entire procedures in association with you. Our experts will discuss some essential elements like the colour composition, flouring, decor and furniture placement, etc.
Visualisation: We will help you to transfigure your proposal in reality. We provide you with planned design in the form of 2D or 3D models.
Genesis and Installation: After finalization of each aspect of the interior design and development. We start working on the project with suggested customization.

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Residential Projects