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Vastu Shastra Consultancy

We form a bridge between the magnificent nature with the life of human beings. VastuMantrah ensures you a happy life by eliminating the uncertainty and unpleasant happenings a person faces in during life. We design your project by ancient Vastu Shastra concepts. We believe in “good spaces good life” philosophy. At VastuMantrah we add value to your life by arranging five elements of nature that are earth, water, fire, air, and space in harmony.

Elements of nature

⦁ Earth: It is the first natural component which strives paramount energy. Before acquiring any land, it is essential to consult with our experts.
Water: Water is present at the northeast side in the presentation of five elements of Vastu. It means water bodies like swimming pool, aquarium etc. should be located in the northeast direction. We will help you to fix the direction of water flow, the position of water sources, etc.
Fire: Fire indicates south-east direction. The presence of fire helps in designing the lighting and position of windows and doors. Effects of solar energy is the point of concern in the fire.
Air: Air indicates proper ventilation in the room. VastuMantrah offers you designs that circulate air throughout building efficiently. These five elements have a substantial scientific and spiritual effect on man’s life.
Space: Space has an immense significant impact on Vastu. Space indicates openness. VastuMantrah serves you with designs that are spacy, easily accessible from every corner with commodious feel.

All these elements play a definite role while designing Vastu. With our proficiency in Vastu Shastra, we offer you a complete consultation about site selection and interior designs.

Consulting stages

We have professional VastuMantrah Consultants who devise a customized solution to rectify entrance, treatment activities, rooms and toilets, and relocating elements. Our consulting includes the following stages:

Understanding a problem

Here we decide the courses of action to meet your desires. With our expertise, we offer creative solutions to resolve your issue.

Site assessment

Here we collect the required data from the site. Our experts prepare the accurate site plan. We decide locations for entrance, windows, and furniture.

Report presentation

With the necessary data and site plan, we discuss our solution with you. We consider your suggestion to rectify the problem.


We programme our solution to meet your desired goals that include professional growth, healthy life, better relations etc.


It provides energy mapping and Astro mapping for enhancing the quality of life and ensuring positive energy flow.