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Conceptual residential Interior

VastuMantrah work with our creativity and novelty to meet your aspirations. We re-design the interior to give the unique finishes to residential corridors. We are envisioned enhancing the passages to a standard type of high-end residential buildings. We believe in advancing contemporary designs with aesthetic values.

Vastu Shastra Consultancy

We form a bridge between the magnificent nature with the life of human beings. VastuMantrah ensures you a happy life by eliminating the uncertainty and unpleasant happenings a person faces in during life. We design your project by ancient Vastu Shastra concepts.

Customized commercial Interior

VastuMantrah designs corporate office interiors, by maintaining the balance between styling and utilizing the maximum space. We will modify each area starting from the entry through the reception, the work floor, the conference rooms, till the office furniture design and lighting.

Vastu Interior

We understand and analyse your requirement, and accordingly design, and execute the plan. VastuMantrah plays a crucial role in the construction of a building to its interior designing.

Themed institutional Interior

We deliver flawless designs consistently to get the job done on time and in your budget. We think that interiors and furnishings can play a crucial role in designing. Our institutional interior designers develop full construction drawings suitable for making permit application.

Vastu Shastra Courses

Vastu shastra defines the places to eliminate the negativity and boost the positivity in a surrounding area. In Vastu shastra, expert observes the area and suggests renovation options for your property.


  • Client Discussion
  • Space Planning
  • Architectural Designing
  • Visualisation
  • Installation

We have a meeting with our prospective client to explain our services. Here, we cross off quite a few questions to understand their requirements. After all the thorough understanding, we suggest them few plans. We understand their requirement keenly, such as what they want in a design, style, color scheme, floorplan, and atmosphere, etc. We analyze what they already know about our services. This initial interaction can inform us which concepts we propose first.

An ideal space is one that can accommodate everything and provides the desired comfort. Hence space planning is essential in interior designing. There is a growing demand for space. Our Interior designing skills, we create areas that are not only aesthetically appealing but also comfortable and functional. We help our clients with various spaces not only with residential spaces but with commercial projects. Here, first, we consider the purpose of the room and manipulate it accordingly. It involves complete floor mapping also we give you an idea of how and where to place the furniture.

A building is not merely a structure. We specialize in interior designing for personal and commercial spaces as well. Our range of capabilities allows us the freedom to provide diverse architectural solutions. We leverage innovative products and materials to improve our clients’ visions. We are famous as a service-oriented company, committed to adding meaning in the built context. Our team of architects, designers, understands client requirements and delivers aesthetically pleasing and sustainable solutions.

It is an efficient communication tool for design approvals and reviews during the conceptualization and design phases. We use this for presentation purposes and helps us in proposed layouts. We combine the latest in visualization technology, in-depth knowledge, and the expertise of our designers to deliver architectural images for a range of clients.

The exhibition is also much important as that of designing. Here, we are specialists in handling, transporting and installing fine art, designer furniture, antiques, and other valuable items with our design installation services. We offer high-quality, white-glove service with a delicate, specialist touch to safely handle and install your fragile and valuable items. We can provide excellent art installation, designer furniture installation, including shipping and inventory management services, for your projects.


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